Begun while at the American Academy in Rome, this project explores different ways of documenting a cartography-based interaction with the 100 busts of the Garibaldini along the Passeggiata del Gianicolo near the Academy.


The project has three aspects: the busts and their carved names; the busts and what they would see if they were alive; and the carved names, arbitrary in size but in
correct geographic position to
create something not unlike a musical score.


Each sheet is 13 x 19” (chosen
to fit the size limitations of my printer at the time) and assembled to mirror the geographic position of the busts to the extent possible. Each sheet carries a geographically accurate key map of the busts’ location at the north end of the site
(I have not completed the south end, although my photographs and

plan exist.) Each array exists in both mostly horizontal and mostly vertical configurations in order to respect constraints of exhibition spaces. The vertical arrays are approximately 11ꞌ high.


The photographs were made before the busts were cleaned in 2010 in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Republic. They are rather less interesting now than when they reflected the ravages of time and the lack of maintenance.